Oil is very important nowadays. But does it compense with all the damage it produces to the enviroment?

TheExxon Valdez was a big oil tanker. It was transporting oil when an accident took place in Alaska. For avoid an iceberg the captain of the ship took another route and the ship finally struck on a reef. 40 million litres of oil were spill on the sea. It polluted 28,000 km. The clean-up lasted 3 summers and cost  $ 2 billion.

Oil spill is really harmful for the environment: animals die, the ecosystem is destroy, the cleaning is really expensive…  In addition after the catastrophe in the damaged area people won´t  be able to fish again. And tourist won´t be possible.

Even if the area has been cleaned animals that live under the sand, like crabs, will die because they won´t find anything to eat.

Maybe we can find other ways to transport oil because this one is ending with our planet. We are ending with our planet.

Resultado de imagen de oil spill

Resultado de imagen de oil spill